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Life of B

Random and mundane musings

12 January 1978
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This journal has been part of me since 2002. My life has been through many ups and downs in that time and many of them are reflected here. This journal is not high quality writing nor is it even very interesting...but it's me. I complain. I rant. I brag. This is my place to be myself.

That being said...feel free to come and go as you please. I love comments, but I don't feed off of them. I have met several people that I consider friends from here.

A bit about me...I am a happily married, very proud parent of Carter and Alison. Carter's going to be four in October '09 and Alison was born June '09. They are my world. My husband and I have been married since December '05. We share the love of the theatre, him more so since that's what he wants to do when he grows up. I'm a big geek when it comes to certain fandoms...not as much as I once was, but still have a love for them. I have been a fan of all things Harry Potter since Goblet of Fire was published. I love Lord of the Rings...one of my favorite days was when we went to Triology Tuesday. Television is my catharsis now that I can't afford going to the movies. I watch way too much of it and I am an addict!

We just moved into a new home and we love it. I can't wait to decorate it and make it my own. One of the biggest things I am excited for there is the third floor that will eventually be my oasis. That is where my books are going and I will finally have a place for a mini retreat. Hopefully then I will be able to read more again.