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Is there something in the water??

I swear, something is going on with all the kids this week! I have heard nothing but horror stories of my friends' kids' behavior, my son included!

Upon coming home last night, I am greeted by Chris saying, "We'll see what your mother has to say about this!" I wanted to just turn around and leave.

Apparently, Carter's behavior book for yesterday was atrocious. All sad faces and a note written in by his teacher. He apparently did not do his work in timely manner yesterday (as usual) but also was found in the bathroom throwing wet paper towels around. When I asked him why he did that, he just said that he wanted to. Come to find out, he told Chris that he was doing it because he wanted a "free day" meaning he knew that if he got caught, he had the chance of going home. WHAT?!?!?! What in the freaking hell? This starts at age 8?? I lit into him after hearing that. All the while, he's standing there staring at me with his wounded puppy look. When I finally got to the part where I told him I was very disappointed in him, the tears starting coming. I took a few more digs at him telling him that I was sure his teacher was extremely disappointed too.

Then, Chris tells me that his teachers from Open Door (his before and after care) took Chris aside yesterday and mentioned that Carter has been giving them some major attitude lately, eye rolling, sighing, talking back.

I just am at a loss. Carter is not a good student. I am DREADING third grade with him. That is when it amps up immensely and he's not ready for it. Part of me wants him to fail and have to repeat a grade just to show him how important this school time is. And I have how many more years of this???

So, now I'm off to his school for an end-of-the-year event and then I have to talk to his teacher after school lets out. I just do not know what to do with this kid.

First attempt

So, I took Amanda's advice and used my camera to try to capture Carter's little song and dance. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking properly and thought that I could rotate the image once I got it on my computer. So, this looks silly but I still wanted to share. Not having much luck getting it onto Facebook, but this works! If you have a laptop, tilt the screen. Otherwise, just tilt your head and look silly!


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